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By contracting with Besko Outdoor Signs, LLC to construct a billboard on your property you can create a new source of income.

Greatest Return with Minimal Use of Property

Our engineers will work with you to design the proper structure configuration in order to use the least amount of space necessary, sometimes only 48" of ground! Most structures will not interfere with any use of your property. All of our units meet the most rigid certified engineering standards which normally exceed municipal codes of construction. We will handle all necessary permitting and surveys will be done prior to construction, to assure compliance with all required regulations. Besko Outdoor is always interested in looking at new potential locations but please keep in mind that by law billboards are generally limited to only commercial or industrial zoned properties. If you think your property may have potential please contact us at 570.689.3226 or

How we determine supplemental income:

By leasing your property to Besko Outdoor, we can provide you with a steady source of supplemental income payable either monthly or quarterly with the first payment up front as a show of good faith toward our new joint real estate venture. We determine how we pay you by the following criteria;

  1. Traffic count along proposed road where sign will be located.
  2. Sign visibility
  3. Type of sign we must construct to maximize property
  4. Number of other signs in immediate area.
  5. Demand of advertiser coverage.


Construction site and big billboard. People Working Building New Big Billboard. Worker repairing billboard. Construction of LCD screen billboard.

No Investment required:

Besko Outdoor will secure all necessary permits, insurance, electrical and construction fees for the billboard. Please keep in mind that we are fully insured and each billboard has it's own electrical service paid for by us.

Reputation and Quality

Besko Outdoor is known for it's commitment to the advertisers and lessors that have made our business successful over the years. As a lessor you can be assured of our careful attention to the details of our agreement that protect your property and give you the opportunity to benefit the most financially from your property.

Choose Besko Outdoor and start earning money today!

To learn more call us at (570) 689-3226.